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Benefits of In-Home Health Care

Do you have an elderly parent that is struggling? It can be excruciating to watch this struggle, and it can be difficult to know how to help. If you are unsure where to turn, or how you can best help your aging parent, then in-home health care is one solution you can turn to for answers. There are many solutions and benefits that can be found with in-home health care, and you can rest assured that the very best in senior care in Portland will be given to your loved one.

What In-Home Health Care Has to Offer

Helping an aging parent can be a struggle that quickly becomes too much for you to handle. A lot of guilt and anxiety is associated with caring for an elderly loved one, but with the help of in-home health care, you can find relief, guidance, and support when you need it most, and from a team of trained professionals. While in-home health care is not for everyone, there are many benefits for those who are eligible. Learn more about what in-home health care has to offer below:

  • Personal care that best suits your loved one’s needs: When you determine eligibility for in-home health care, your health care professionals will work with you to develop the most suitable plan for treatment and care for your loved one. You can expect an initial assessment of needs and then frequent follow-ups throughout the care to ensure that the best care is provided. Your loved one has unique emotional and physical needs, and your health care team will strive to meet these needs as closely as possible. You and your loved one will have goals and outcomes that you want to reach, and your team will work towards these goals as well as help you develop these outcomes realistically and positively.
  • In-home health care allows your loved one to remain at home: No one wants to leave their home and move to an unfamiliar environment, and this is true of your aging loved one as well. Oftentimes elderly patients have been living in their home most of their lives and have no desire to leave. Experts agree that remaining at home (if possible) is healthy and beneficial for the patient. If your loved one’s emotional or physical needs have become such that it is no longer possible for you to care for them on your own, then a team of experts can support you and step in to provide excellent care and valued companionship during this often very lonely time in an elderly person’s life.
  • Expert medical attention and therapy: You will work closely with a team of medical experts to determine the best type of care for your loved one, and then that care will be implemented. Your loved one can receive a variety of services, from physical and occupational therapy at home, to regular care and proper physical nourishment and hygiene care from a trained expert. All aspects of your loved one’s needs will be addressed.

In-home health care provide peace of mind: Perhaps the most trying aspect of caring for an aging loved one is that you cannot be there 24/7. This leaves you feeling anxious and worried when you are away. In-home health care experts can be there when you are not, providing regular care and keeping your loved one safe while you are away. Many caregivers feel guilt and anxiety over leaving their parents, but with proper in-home care, you can rest easy knowing your aging parent or loved one is receiving the very best in senior care in Portland or your area.